Easter party/ Easter egg hunt in the forest

Appropriate age group: 4-7

These are some ideas for an Easter egg hunt or a birthday party that you may have around Easter time. It’s a trail around the forest with a few activities on the way, at the end you could organise the actual easter egg hunt.

The trail revolves around a little story about the Easter bunny. It’s very short, which will make it also very suitable for younger children.

At the start of the trail, you can read out the following:

During the winter months, the Easter bunny lives in this forest. He likes to jump around and he keeps and colours the Easter eggs here. We are going on a little adventure to find out more about the Easter bunny …
Follow the trail that is set out with ribbons, up to the first stop.
At the first stop, read out the following
 The Easter bunny wants to welcome you all to the forest with a magic egg. However, the Easter bunny cannot find it. Can you go and have a look for it. If you find it you’ll have to crack it to find it’s magic contents …
I had hidden a huge pinata in the shape of an egg. It was hanging off a tree, deep into the forest (about 100 yards from the path), so that it wasn’t that easily visible. Obviously, the kids had to hit it with the sticks that they found in the forest. Inside were bags of crisps/ popcorn.
The pinata is very easy to make with flour, water, a balloon and newspaper (more about this below).
Egg-shaped pinata

Egg-shaped pinata

We continue the trail to the next stop by following the ribbons. The story continues: 
The Easter bunny was very sorry that he could not meet you today. He had to go to an egg painting meeting with his friends. Instead, he has left a picture of himself in the forest. Can you find all the pieces and fix the jigsaw?
I got a big poster of the Easter bunny for this and glued it to cardboard, I cut it into different jigsaw pieces and hid the pieces around the area of the second stop. Once the kids had found all the jigsaw pieces they had to put them together.
Easter bunny jigsaw

Easter bunny jigsaw

Up to the next stop. We read the following:
The Easter bunny always hides all the eggs in the forest to make sure that nobody can find them before Easter. He would like to give you some as a little treat. Can you help the Easter bunny to find the eggs? 
Here we had hidden a shoebox with chocolate eggs. Again, we hid it not to close to the pathway. 

Shopping list (for 10 kids)

1. Flour €1.50, Crisps/ popcorn: €4,-, Drinks (water/ fruit shoot): €8,-

2. Punch balloons (these are the big balloons with an elastic band attached that you can punch: €3,-

3. A poster of an Easter bunny, most 2 euro shops have these around Easter: €2,-

4. Chocolate Easter eggs: €6,-

Total cost: €25,-


1. Print out the story here and cut it up at the lines to put it into envelopes. Number the envelopes 1-3.

2. Make the pinata, instructions can be found here. I used the big punch balloons. Also make sure that you make it a long time before hand as it need to dry for a few days before you can paint it.

3. Once the pinata is finished, fill it with the crisps/ popcorn and attach a wire to it to hang it up. The best way to do this is by sticking sellotape on the outside and inside where you want to make a hole, this will stop it from tearing.

4. Stick the bunny poster onto cardboard and cut it into jigsaw pieces with scissors or a stanley knife. If you can’t find a piece of cardboard big enough, you can also cut the poster into the jigsaw pieces and stick these to the cardboard, cutting it in the same shape.

5. Make a box for the chocolate eggs. I used a shoe box covered in tin foil.

6. Before setting out the trail, pack the following:

  • Task 1: Pinata, scissors, extra wire
  • Task 2: jigsaw pieces
  • Task 3: shoe box with chocolate eggs
  • Also: the envelopes, loads of ribbons, cello tape, scissors …

6.Setting out the trail:

  • Set out the trail an hour before the party starts, you want to make sure that the ribbons are still there for the party;
  • Place the ribbons in a visible spot high up, so that other people can’t get near them;
  • Use a lot of ribbons, especially where you turn left or right;
  • For the tasks, hang the envelopes in a high place off a tree;
  • For the items that need to be hidden, make sure you cannot see them from the path …

7. And finally a bit of advise:

  • Try to get a few parents to help you setting out the trail. Also during the party make sure that you have an adult at the tail end of the group who can make sure that no children stay behind.
  • The kids will get very excited to try to find the ribbons. Point out a few rules at the start of the trail. Every child should get a turn in leading the group. And during the tasks nobody should go ahead to look for the ribbons. The promise of a medal, or another price for whoever respects the rules might be a good incentive.
  • Always make sure that no rubbish is left behind. It’s everybody’s responsibility to clean up after them.

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