Witches and Wizards party

Appropriate ages: 5-8

After numerous fairy and princess parties, I was delighted when my eldest daughter Abby opted for a change and wanted a witches and wizards party to celebrate her birthday. First we made up the invitations. These were invitations to a witches and wizards course. The invitations had a sweet enclosed, which was a magic pill that would help you grow a wart on your nose if you are to be a witch or a beard for the wizzards. All kids were asked to dress up and to learn a magic word by heart that was going to give them access to the party. We gave all the future witches and wizards a ‘witchy’ name …

Invite to the witches and wizzards course

Invite to the witches and wizards course

When they arrived we made sure that all the kids had a costume and did some facepainting and we all made a magic wand. I used bamboo stick that I got in the hardware shop/ garden centre, put coloured tape around it and a silver tip of tin foil.

Then we continued outside, where we had to catch jelly snakes off a wire , while blindfolded.

One of the skills to learn to become a witch or wizard was to eat snakes while blindfolded …

After that we had a broomstick race to improve on the broomstick skills. We had laid out an obstacle course and the future witches and wizards had to run the course while sharing a broomstick with two other kids. Needless to say that whoever finished first, had won the race..

The next task was to find the ingredients for the magic potion. The ingredients were hidden everywhere in the garden. For example, there was golden syrup which was ‘snake’s slime’. Nutella was renamed ‘owl’s poo’, vinegar was called ‘snails tears’ , bread soda was called ‘magic dust’, Red food colouring was called ‘mouses blood’. Once all the ingredients were found we put them into a metal bucket and added the vinegar at the end. The result was a sizzling red potion, thanks to the combination of vinegar, bread soda and red food colouring …

Ingredients for the magic potion: Owl's poo, Snake's slime, Mouse's blood, Pickled fish eyes, Snail's tears, Magic dust ...

Ingredients for the magic potion: Owl’s poo, Snake’s slime, Mouse’s blood, Pickled fish eyes, Snail’s tears, Magic dust …

We finished the day with some delicious pancakes with ‘owl’s poo’ and ‘snake’s slime’ and everybody received a certificate for passing the course …

Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

Shopping list (for ten kids): 

1. Bamboo sticks from the garden centre/ hardware shop. I bought 3 big ones, which I cut up. About €6,-

2. Coloured tape from the hardware shop €3,- And tin foil: €2,-

3.Jelly snakes from the sweetshop €4,-

4.Blindfolds, the cheapest way is to get ties from the second hand shop. About €5,-

5.Ingredients for the potion: Vinegar, Bread soda:, food colouring, (blue and yellow to get green or just red), nutella, Golden syrup: total: €9,-

6. Pancake ingredients: eggs, flour and milk: €5,-

7.Cake/ cake ingredients: €10,-

Total: €44!

Obviously you can add goodie bags and more sweets/ popcorn as well …


  1. Print out the certificates here. Complete them before the party. Write down the ‘witchy name’ that you made up for everyone.
  2. Make the magic wands. Cut the bamboo sticks up into piece of about a foot each. Tape some tin foil at the end (about 2 inches long). Wrap the coloured tape all around the stick, so that it is all covered.
  3. Discard the labels of the magic potion ‘ingredients’, replace them with homemade labels with the following names:

Golden syrup = snake’s slime, Nutella=’owl’s poo’, vinegar=’snails tears’, bread soda= ‘magic dust’, Red food colouring=’mouses blood’.

Or whatever you can come up with …

4. Make the pancakes beforehand. You will only need to heat them up when the kids are going to have their food.

The kids can help you with these:

  1. Print the invitations here, if you like the ones I used. Complete them and hand them out together with a sweet …
  2. Prepare the wire with the snakes. I used kitchen wire, attach the snakes to the wire with a knot, leave a bit of space in between.
  3. Set up the obstacle course. Get two broomsticks, so that two teams can compete at the same time. You can start with a few meters of slalom, then a blanket where they have to crawl under, a little step they have to step over, at the end leave a marker that they have to touch before running back … Or anything else you can think of.