Canvas for a newborn baby

When my sister had a baby two years ago I wanted to make something for my new niece, rather than buying her a gift. I decided to make a ‘scrap-canvas’:

I started by covering a canvas with vintage style paper. Then I cut up some netting, which I used as a second background. With scraps of red fabric, I glued a border at the bottom of the canvas, and disguised the top edge with orange ribbon. I cut the letters of her name from scrap fabric (which I bought on Ebay – a bag of scraps) and glued these onto the red fabric. The top part of the canvas is a combination of scrapbook stickers (again from Ebay) , scrap fabric, ribbons and buttons. I made a little windmill, as it symbolises Holland, where she is from. The Eiffel tower stands for Paris, where my sister lived in the past. I put all the birth details, like weight, time, date, etc in at random, around the canvas. I made the little flowers with ribbon and a button: basically, you cross over the ribbon in all directions, until it looks like a flower. You tighten it with needle and threat. Sew a button on top of the stitches. The best thing to do with the flowers is to sew them onto the canvas, rather than gluing them, it won’t hold otherwise. The best thing to use for all the other bits is a glue gun (they are pretty cheap, about €12 from the art shop).

I think scrapbooking is such a nice way to get rid of all types of bits and pieces. It’s a great way to maximise your creativity …