St Patricksday top for a girl

This is a top I made for Abby, my eldest daughter.

St Patricksday girl's top

St Patricksday girl’s top

It’s very easy to do and all you need are a t-shirt (loose fitting) with long sleeves, scissors and green ribbon (about 8-10 feet).

You start cutting holes in the t-shirt like on the picture below. Always make two holes 1 inch apart on the left and the same on the right, like this:   I I      I I. I have used 7 rows of holes, but it is up to you.

St Patricks day top

St Patricks day top

Repeat this for the sleeves, just 1 – 3 rows. Start pulling the ribbon through from the bottom right (facing the shirt)). Stick it in and out throught the next hole (both on the right side), then cross diagonally to the row above and stick it into the two holes on the left side (facing the shirt), continue this up onto the last row, here you cross horizontally and cross diagonally downward this time, repeat until you have reached the last hole. Tie the ribbon into a nice not. 

Repeat this for the sleeves. Et Voila, the St Patricks day shirt is sorted. Whatever is left of the ribbon can be used for the hair …

Abby is wearing it with a tulle skirt from Claire’s.